Slot Overview: Immortals of Egypt

Though many current-day cat owners like their feline companions, few would go as far as the Ancient Egyptians in their esteem. You may recognize the cat-headed god Bastet from Ancient Egyptian gambling machines; he or she was thought to bring good fortune to their owners, and some were even mummified after death. Cats were apparently so highly valued in the past that the accidental killing of one may result in a capital punishment. Play’n GO’s Immortails of Egypt would be right up your alley if you have such lofty opinions about feline friends. The Egyptian-themed slot Immortails of Egypt celebrates felines by including features like cascading winnings and transforming wilds, as well as free games with expanding wilds and a progressive win multiplier.

Play’n GO has clearly cranked on the sexiness for Immortails of Egypt, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to find that at least a few members of the crew are cat people. There are lots of lovely kittens and other animations and touches to make you smile in this game. It’s played from a cat’s perspective, staring up at a grid of five reels and three rows, with twine balls as the border and hieroglyphic columns as the backdrop. When you hit the spin button, the grid will clear, and hidden beneath the symbols you see will be even more cats. Immortails of Egypt tugs at the heartstrings if you’re a fan of charming, cuddly games featuring domestic pets.

While the medium-to-high volatility of its underlying math model means that Immortals of Egypt isn’t exactly a cuddly gaming instrument, it may nevertheless deliver plenty of excitement. The game may be played on any device, with a betting range of 10 p/c to £/€100 each spin, and awards prizes according to a connected paylines system. When identical symbols appear on neighboring reels, starting on the leftmost reel, and moving clockwise, winnings are generated.

The money signs are rather rude, too, especially because they all begin with 10.The lowest-paying symbols are cards, with a payout of 1-1.2 times the wager for five of a type. The higher-priced items, including a ball of yarn, Egyptian artifacts, snakes, and three cats, are shown next. The reward for a winning premium line of five symbols is between two and six times the initial wager.

Slot Machine: Ancient Egypt’s Treasures

The tumbling wins mechanism is the primary means by which Immortails of Egypt’s features are wound. When a winning line is formed, the associated symbols are withdrawn from play. When a victory is made, new symbols replace the old ones, and the tumble feature begins again.

The three cat premium symbols also transform progressively into Cat God Wilds if a tumbling win occurs:

The black cat goes completely crazy after its first fall.

When the brown cat falls three times in a succession, it becomes crazy.

The white cat goes crazy after six falls in a row.

If a snake sign appears adjacent to a wild cat symbol, it, too, is changed into a wild symbol. Any Cat God Wild symbols that were changed during a tumble sequence will revert to their non-wild status at the conclusion of the series.

Bonus Turns

When you get three scatter symbols, you get eight free games. During the bonus round, the number of active paylines increases by one, and the progressive win multiplier kicks in. After three straight wins, the multiplier will rise by one. When the rolling stops, the free spins multiplier returns to 1. In addition, blue lights surround some of the reels at random. If a wild appears on a particular reel, it will grow to fill that entire reel.

Ancient Egypt’s Slot Machine’s Provenance

Like a moody cat, Immortals of Egypt is unpredictable. All the charming cats hanging from the walls, peeking over the game grid, and looking wide-eyed at the audience drew us in, much like Pragmatic’s Cleocatra slot. Then the action started, and as the novelty had worn off, a less comical reality set in. It’s like when you initially get a kitten into your home and it scratches the sofa and pees and poop all over the place while it goes through the “getting to know its personality” phase. However, if you can get over that stage, you have a good shot at building a lasting relationship, complete with its share of ups and downs.

Immortails of Egypt’s linked paylines structure means that the base game has wild transformations, either through tumbles or wilds hitting close to snake symbols, which may be both a boon and a bane. While the number of possible combinations of winning symbols is more than on a system with only paylines, it is smaller than in a pure ways system. Not to criticize, but it’s worth noting that if the game had used the linking paylines approach, it might theoretically have added additional wild symbols to the fray.

Tumbling wild transformations, full reel wilds, and a win multiplier increase all came together nicely in the free spins bonus round, when Immortails of Egypt really shone. It’s important to remember that the bonus game’s win multiplier resets between free spins, making each free spin a potentially life-changing event. Once you unleash the moggies in Immortails of Egypt and they do their thing, you can earn as much as 10,000 times your initial wager.

Just like a real cat, Immortails of Egypt has its cuddly moments when it wants to perch on your knee and its less-than-cuddly moments when it wants to scratch you in the eyes. Playing Immortails of Egypt is a no-brainer for anybody who like cats, but it will also please aficionados of Ancient Egypt and anyone searching for a charming blend of tumbling reels, wilds, and multipliers.






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